Janice E. Shapiro Healing Dance Fund

The Janice E. Shapiro Healing Dance Fund was created to provide free Rhythm and Motion classes to students who have suffered financial loss due to cancer or other serious illness.

Students interested in benefiting from the Fund are invited to contact Rhythm & Motion via email or call 415-549-8525 to request their free 10-class pass. No questions asked.

Janice Elaine Shapiro was a vital part of the Rhythm and Motion community who passed away on August 30, 2018 after nearly four years of living with cancer. She was a fiercely loving mother and wife, a devoted friend to many, an incomparable host, and a dedicated psychotherapist. Janice had been part of the R&M community for over 30 years, and is fondly remembered, among many other things, for being late to her own wedding because she couldn't bear to miss dance class!

In her memory—and in recognition of the healing power of dance—friends and family have created the Janice E. Shapiro Healing Dance Fund.

Donors: Contributions to the Fund may be made online via our partners at ODC. Please be sure to put "Janice Shapiro Fund" in the notes section.