Dudley Flores

With a lot of passion, and a lot less experience, Dudley Flores started his career in dance when Peter Rothblatt trained him to be a Rhythm & Motion instructor in 2000. After studying biology in college and a brief stint as a passenger service agent with American Airlines at SFO, he became a freelance “commercial” dancer and performed in large-scale corporate and fashion events, for television, commercials, print ads, and independent and feature films. Later, his focus turned toward contemporary dance where he performed nationally and internationally with prominent San Francisco choreographers and companies, including: Janice Garrett and Charles Moulton, Robert Moses’ KIN, ODC/Dance, Stacey Printz, KT Nelson and Nol Simonse. In addition to Rhythm & Motion he is on the production team for the SF Ethnic Dance Festival and sits on the Isadora Duncan Dance Awards committee. He believes in creating an environment where dance transcends “the steps” and where strong focus, passion, a sense of humor and good company, make dance a therapeutic release from the day to day.