Viva Dunwoody

Viva is a living example that anyone can dance. Having no training as a child she has loved dance her whole life, but only started studying dance around age 20, studying African Dance. She felt very disconnected from her body as she was growing into it, and felt it was absolutely necessary to learn how to get into her body and discover the freedom of movement. After a few years of studying West African dance she was also introduced to the movements and symbols of the Orixa dance, from the Brazilian Folkloric dance, and felt a deep resonance there that unbeknown to her would influence the rest of her life.  Viva has traveled to Africa and Haiti, she  lived in Brazil for nearly 3 years immersing herself in dance.  In Brazil she studied primarily in Bahia at the Escola de Danca with Rosangela Silvestre and Vera Passos, there she  widened her scope from the African Diaspora and trained modern technique (Silvestre) and Ballet.  Viva is passionate to now share the joy she finds in dance, and after more the 15 years of study, start teaching Rhythm and Motion dance in Santa Cruz.