Hello Dancers!

We are just over a week away from the big event. Hopefully you have started practicing with the videos already, and have already attended a rehearsal or have mapped out which ones you plan to attend. Information about rehearsal times and locations, as well as links to the practice videos are all here.


We have our parade number! This year we are Contingent #134, with an estimated step-off time (when we start down the parade route) of 1 to 1:30 PM. That means that you won’t need to arrive at our staging site until 12 PM. You get to sleep in! Hooray!

  • 12 PM – Arrive and sign in at our staging site on Main Street between Mission and Market (M1 on the map below). Sign-in will be located at the back of our pick-up truck. Allow PLENTY of time to get to our staging site!
  • 12:15 PM – Rehearsal for all dancers; Volunteers gather to get job assignments
  • 12:45 PM – Hydrate, chat with friends, and admire each other’s outfits
  • 1 PM – Showtime!
  • 2 PM(ish) – Exit at the end of the route, and bask in the glow of what you just accomplished!


T-shirts have arrived! This year’s shirt is designed by Beverly Patterson (beverlypatterson.com), an accomplished designer and R&M regular. You can choose from five, yes FIVE! fabulous colors. Registrants may pick up their shirts at rehearsal, or stop by the R&M main office inside ODC School. For special arrangements, contact Leigh at leigh@rhythmandmotion.com.

Rehearsal Update

We are excited to announce that we have a rehearsal date and time scheduled in the East Bay! For anyone in the East Bay (or looking for a reason to be in the East Bay) join us this Saturday, June 16 from 1-3pm at Berkeley Ballet Theater.

Tips for Remembering Choreography

Our presentation is not about being perfect and precise with the choreography. We want everyone to feel good, feel confident and breathe individual expression into the movement we are performing. The more our bodies know the choreography, the more we can do all of those things while making a big statement at the parade. Here are some helpful tips for learning the routines:

  • Build muscle memory and practice. Go to rehearsal, dance along with the videos, get together with other contingent members, attend a Rhythm & Motion class with a teacher showing the routines in class.
  • Each routine is broken up into “phrases,” small chunks of choreography that go to a particular part of the song. Practice one phrase at a time and build muscle memory with each phrase, then learn another…then another. (The instructional videos go over each phrase step-by-step.) Start by learning the footwork and the directions. As you get more comfortable, fill in more details.
  • To help remember the sequence of the phrases in a song, try memorizing the dance like a phone number or list. Assign a name or number to each movement phrase, then watch the video and write down the sequence of the phrases to the song. Practice the dances by recalling the sequence you wrote down.
  • Have fun. Stay positive. Approach learning these dances like playing a game or other fun activity; it will come much easier.

Last Call to Register

Know someone who’d like to join, or want to get a squad together? There’s still time to join the contingent as a dancer or volunteer. Registration ends at midnight this Sunday, June 17. Spread the word!

Join us at the San Francisco Ethnic Dance Festival!

Our incredible partners from the San Francisco Ethnic Dance Festival have reserved a block of premiere orchestra seats and are offering Rhythm & Motion students and #DANCEwithPRIDE participants discounted tickets! Join fellow dancers and their guests on opening night, July 14, and experience the world’s artistic legacy at the majestic War Memorial Opera House.

For this exclusive offer, buy your tickets here.

Spread the love online! Share photos, videos and words and let everyone know that you #DANCEwithPRIDE!



Check out our Pride Parade FAQs. If you have additional questions, feel free to email us or call 415-549-8525.



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