Update #2:

Hello dancers,

Thank you for registering for this year's Dance with Pride contingent for the SF Pride Parade on June 30. We are excited to work with you to make this year's parade the best possible experience for all of our dancers as well as the crowds of parade viewers!

A few updates and reminders:

1. The practice videos are now available on our website! In each video, R&M artistic director Dudley Flores gives some context for the song choice, shows the choreography from start to finish, and then provides a step-by-step tutorial where he breaks down each one of the movement phrases. Please play these videos as often as possible. Just attending in-person rehearsals will not be enough for you to nail every step and perform your best on parade day.

2. Don't forget that this year you are REQUIRED to attend at least one Rehearsal #1 and one Rehearsal #2. You will not be allowed to join us on parade day if you do not fulfill this requirement. (This is a performance, after all!) The list of available rehearsal times and locations is on our home base page. We've recently added a few more rehearsal times, including one outdoors on a school blacktop so that we can really practice the forward movement of each routine. 

3. T-shirts will be distributed at all the #2 rehearsals. You are welcome to embellish them however you like!

4. Spread the word and check out this Dance with Pride 2019 video. Also, if you know someone who is on the fence about joining us and who might want to check out a rehearsal before registering, encourage them to attend any rehearsal before the June 21 registration deadline.

That's all for now. Questions? Check out our Pride Parade FAQs. If you have additional questions, feel free to email us or call 415-549-8525.

Now go get dancing! 

The Dance with Pride organizers and partners