About Our Instructors
Rhythm & Motion instructors are the heart and soul of the program, inspiring students with their energy, talent, and teaching skills. All instructors are trained, experienced dancers, and many are working professional dancers and choreographers. Meet our instructors

Unlike other programs that “certify” individual instructors who then teach completely independently, Rhythm & Motion partners with dance organizations and studios that want to build the Rhythm & Motion Dance Program at their own locations.

Communal Choreography
Beyond teaching fun and inspiring dance classes, our instructors contribute to our dynamic and growing library of shared choreography. Choreography sessions are held multiple times per year, and instructors are invited to contribute routines. This keeps Rhythm & Motion material fresh, diverse, and top quality.


Become an Instructor
Does Rhythm & Motion sound like a fit for you? Instructor auditions and training sessions are typically held once a year, depending on location.

2019 AUDITION DATE: Sunday, July 21 from 1:30-3:30 pm in SF Learn more

“I don’t think another program on the planet exists where professional dancers teach, inspire, and let loose with everyday dance lovers!”  –Michelle Agid Brock, Student